This page is dedicated to the memory of Rik Taylor

I have spent a lot of time going through all my old recordings to find examples of Rik's playing, enthusiasm, dedication and sheer fun of being in a regular gigging band.

As you probably know, Rik had been in many bands through the years: 'CLIENTELE', 'OUCH', 'THE BLONDIE TRIBUTE BAND' and 'SACK THE JUGGLER' just to name a few.

I worked with Rik in both Sack The Juggler and Ouch and in the rehearsal room, I would almost always bring some king of recording device in order to evaluate the day's (or evening's) work. Whilst these recordings are not in any way shape or form perfect, they may at least enable the listener to enjoy Rik's playing a little bit more.

I hope you enjoy them, please feel free to send your comments (see below).

Our first gig at The Wheatsheaf in Dunstable     A cold Saturday afternoon in Colin's back yard!

Rik practicing his '7 mile stare'     Having a 'Marvin' moment!

The other members of 'Sack The Juggler'

David Payne: Guitar     Colin McLeod: Drums     Mehmet Mustafa: Lead Vocal & Harmonica     Stewart Milner: Bass Guitar

The Recordings

Either click to play, or right-click and 'save as' to download.

        Instrumental (untitled)    Instrumental (untitled) : This was a track Rik & I recorded together on my 4 track. It was based on an idea he had. 4.93Mb

        Rocky Mountain Way    Rocky Mountain Way (instrumental) : Never got round to putting vocals on this one. Good solo work by Rik though. 5.68Mb

        Thrill Of The Kill    Thrill Of The Kill : This was composed by Fee Waybill of The Tubes. Great tune! Never managed to play it live though. 3.87Mb

        Since You've Been Gone    Since You've Been Gone : A classic song from Graham Bonnet and Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. 3.92Mb

        Beckolade    Beckolade : This was composed by Rik. He and I spent ages 'getting it right'. I think it works really well. There are at least 5 guitar parts on this track. A tribute to Jeff Beck of course. 2.86Mb

            Better Days : A song by a band called Thunder. Good solo from Rik. 4.32Mb

            Hold The Line : A Toto tune. 4.01Mb

            Ice 9 : This tune was originally performed by Joe Satriani. Nice... 4.81Mb

            It's Only Love (That's All) : Originally performed by Bryan Adams and Tina Turner. 3.48Mb

            Kids Wanna Rock : We used to finish our gigs quite often with this classic from Bryan Adams. 5.85Mb

            Type : Very strong song from Living Colour. Look out for 'Love Rears It's Ugly Head'. 4.63Mb

            Unskinny Bop : Always a good starter for our first set. 3.18Mb

            Wishing Well : The Free classic. Many consider this song to be overplayed...whatthefuck? 3.34Mb

            Yankee Rose : The David Lee Roth/Steve Vai/Billy Sheehan combo classic! 3.12Mb


Keep checking back... Loads more songs to go! Thanks for listening.

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